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  • Kali Linux 2017.2 x64

    From $14.99/mo
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    • 1 vCPU
      2GB RAM
      50GB Storage
      Full Backups
      Latest Kali Linux 2017.2
      NAT Firewall Available
      Options May Differ Based on Custom Selections
      UNLIMITED Traffic
  • Backbox 4.7 VPS

    From $12.99/mo
    Out of Stock
    • Latest Version
      1 vCPU
      2 GB RAM
      50 GB SSD Storage
      Updated Tools
      Upgrade Anytime
  • Parrot Security 3.5

    From $19.99/mo
    Out of Stock
    • Latest 3.5 Version
      2GB RAM
      Huge 50 GB SSD
      120 Sec Provisioning
      Upgrade Anytime
Included With Every Plan
  • Rebuild Your VPS Anytime
  • Route Through Tor Coming Soon
  • 120 Second Provisioning
  • Optional NAT Firewall
  • Create Your Own Backups
  • NoMachine Remote Desktop