News: New Dedicated Tor VPS Service

Published: 26/06/2022

New Dedicated Tor VPS Hosting

We have now created a new offering to our customers.

This new service we have called "Dedicated Tor VPS" allows customers to deploy and have automatically a fully provisioned Tor Onion service.

This creates our configured tor service on your very own VPS. We have fully installed and configured an Nginx web service, Adminer ( DB Manager ), a File Manager and a random onion address when your service is created.

Customers can upload their own private key or use our randomly created onion address.

Customers have full root access to their VPS machines and can add configuration settings, remove and much more. Be aware that this is NOT a managed service so you will need to know basic linux commands.

To simplify this we have created a few setup guides in our knowledge base section to assist in getting you started. You can view our initial setup guide here.

We just have 1 plan at $12.99 per month but soon we will be adding more plans so customers can upgrade their VPS resources as their needs increase.